Kasper Søeborg
Danish Music Agency
Sankt Hans Torv 26,1.
DK-2200 Copenhagen N.
Phone +45 35240275
Privat: +4526259736



List of References ( examples)

Cafe Berlin ,Madrid 2022

Amor de Dios, Madrid 2022

Copenhagen Jazfestival 2022

Koncertkirken "Spil Dansk" 2020 "Word´n Global"

Copenhagen Worldmusic Festival 2019

(Le trio Gallo, Kumar, Søeborg)

Copenhagen Jazzfestival 2019

(Le trio Gallo, Kumar, Søeborg)

State Khadi  Mela (Kolkata, India) 2018

Akrha@Baitanik (Kolkata, India) 2018

Chau Jhumur Dance Festival (Kolkata, India) 2018

Sunderbans (Kolkata, India) 2018

(with Lars Bo Kujahn)

Nominated for Danish Music Awards 2016

EL Duende, Cph.  2016

Dome of Visions, Cph. 2015

Rhonda Espacio, Madrid  2014

Bimbache OpenArt Worldmusic Festival El Hierro 2013

Arctic Jazz-festival Murmansk Russia 2013

El Duende (with Luis Gallo and Nantha Kumar) 2013

Egeskov Slot ( Castle of Egeskov ) 2012

Egeskov Slot ( Castle of Egeskov ) with Bimbache OpenArt 2009

Rundetaarn (Round Tower) Copenhagen 2011

Holbæk Bibliotek 2011

Tranquebar 2011

La Semaine de la Musique Instrumentale TUNIS

Michelinguide Star Restaurant (nr 1 in the world !) Noma.

Hotel Marriot Copenhagen.

Council of Nordic Ministers, Copenhagen

Radisson SAS Falkon'er Teatret Frederiksberg

Hellig Kors Kirke Nørrebro (DK)

Gethsemane Kirke Vesterbro (DK)

(samt mange andre kirker).


SuperDanish Festival 2005, Harbourfront Centre (Toronto, CN). Scandinavia House, New York.

WOMEX-festival (Sevilla, Spain), Concerto Grotto,Thorshavn (Faroe Islands), Katuaq (GRL) Kangerlussuaq (GRL), Qaanaaq (GRL), Zions Kirke Iluliisat (GRL)
Foyé'scenen Musikhuset Århus (DK), Nordens Hus, Thorshavn, (Faroe Islands) Thorshavn Domkirke (Faroe Islands) "International Exhibition Chuvashia New Times" (Chuvashia, SNG), Cafe Krasnapolsky Cph (DK), Glyptoteket Cph. (music by Per Nørgaard, Pierre Dørge ao.) Kunstforeningen (DK), "Halmkärven"Halmstad (SE), Holbergsalen Cph.(DK) Murmansk Stadion (SNG), Cafe Port Salut (DK), Apatiti-Koncerthall (SNG), Promtraktor Culturepalace Cheboksary (SNG), Fru Jensen Århus (DK), Veksjö Festival (SE), Art Museum Cheboksary (SNG), Galleri Chips (DK), Albertslund Bibliotek (DK), Art Club Prague (CH), Månefiskeren Christiania (DK), Ringe festival (DK), Galleri Asbæk (DK), Slotsbio Hillerød (DK), Club Bunkr (CH), Vystaviste Praha (CH) Klub Na Smelnici (CH), Færgen Sjælland (DK), Svinninge Bibliotek (DK), Dragør Bibliotek (DK), Apatiti Koncerthall Colapeninsula (SNG), Fiol Teatret (DK), Gimle Roskilde (DK), Vesterbro Kulturhus (DK), Åkanden Randers (DK), Narssaq Kirke, Qaqortok Kirke, Domkirken i Nuuk (Greenland), Skovlunde Kirke (DK), Frederiks Bastion (DK), Rundetårn (DK), Olsztyn (PL), etc.



TV: TV2, Kanal 2, DK4, Vesterbro lokal-TV, Murmansk TV, Chuvashia TV, Moscow TV, Narssaq TV, Sisimut TV. GRL-TV, TV ANDALUSIA.

1995: 25 interviews in local Danish radios and Kulturnyt P1 DR.

1995-'13: International promotion at the MIDEM -Festival in Cannes (France.The LEVITATION and EVOCATION-Books are out in Scandinavia. Realization Book finished at Olafssongs.
From 2003 til now: promotion at WOMEX.

The Artist:

Kasper Søeborg specialized in Spanish Guitar Music, plays first of all his own composed music, characterized as modern acoustic guitarmusic, with inspiration from Latinamerica, Flamenco, Jazz and the entire Spanish Guitar tradition.This is Classical guitarmusic, with the nerve and feel that comes from involvement with many different styles of music.The concertprogramme can be varied with music by Villa Lobos, Bach, Lauro, Carcassi, Mclauglin, De Lucia a.o, music emphasizing the lyrical as well as the virtuos element. Kasper Søeborgs music fits into various musicarrangements: from the intense "classical" concert-situation to Church-concerts or Music-society concerts, to the more relaxed atmosphere in a Cafe or Gallerie, wedding or celebration.
If provided, Kasper Søeborg brings a small P.A.-system.


The Danish press wrote:

"It is a firefull and living guitar you meet, a guitarplayer that not only moves the fingers lightning fast, but also is a good composer, capable of putting those distinctive fast little notes into a nice melody......"

"In relaxing, listening moments, the music is beautifully cool and in perfect balance..."

"...Intelligent music with a big breath of talent, this is poetry without words..."

"You somehow feel like flying, when you peaceful and relaxed listen to the quiet compositions of Kasper Søeborg..."

"This is crossover music that may interest people from very different traditions: Classical, jazz, rock, folk. This fusionmusic is put together in a very good organic and original way....."